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by Johannes A. Koeppen


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History and Credits

Ogles inherits a reduced data model, as well as a great deal of methods and options from Ogle. Many outstanding features which are implemented in Ogle are not available in Ogles.
Ogle provides a free three dimensional volume data visualization tool and employs isosurfaces, vector fields, streamlines and other visualization methods. Ogle implements an opacity volume rendering, a visualization method which depicts 3D volumes of data by mapping data values to colors and opacities. The key is the opacity mapping. By making some of the data volume transparent and some translucent or opaque, the interesting or desired parts of the volume are visible while the uninteresting or undesired parts are invisible.
Ogle was developed by Dr. Michael J Gourlay. Research Scientist, Ph.D. with the Colorado Research Associates (CoRA), the Boulder division of NorthWest Research Associates Inc (http://www.cora.nwra.com/Ogle/) till 2002.

Ogle seem to have some roots in VIZ, which is hosted by the Theoretical Astrophysics Center, Kobenhavn. VIZ was derived from Brick of Bytes (Bob). Bob was developed at the University of Minnesota Army High Performance Computing Research Center by Ken Chin Purcell.

Ogles 0.7.2 bug fix version
Ogles 0.7.0 intersection of geometrical data with slices visualized, isometric pixel size recognized, image orientation of Analyze files accounted for, bugs fixed
Ogles 0.6.2 bug fix version
Ogles 0.6.1 bugs fixed, and measurements find point added
Ogles 0.6.0 voxel drawing elaborated, geometry saving and loading implemented, AC-PC coordinate system established as inter-subjective reference for geometric data.
Stereoscopic viewing (red/cyan anaglyph) implemented for slicer windows.
Ogles 0.5.0 simple voxel-volume drawing tool implemented, pixel dimensions from old Analyze (v. 7.5) data honored, Make-cfg-irix updated, M$ VC 8 sln added.
Ogles 0.4.1 is a bugfix version.
Ogles 0.4 fixes a couple of bugs, works with the immature freeglut, and implements a humble stereotactic workflow.
Ogles 0.2 was a first shot, illustrating the basic concept of this software.

Ogles is maintained by Johannes A. Koeppen (koeppen@neuranse.com).


June 30, 2007, Johannes A. Koeppen, koeppen@neuranse.com