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by Johannes A. Koeppen


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Ogles is a three-dimensional volume and slice data visualization tool based on OpenGL and Ogle.
Ogles vision is to integrate a neuro-analytical framework into a stereotactic planning system.
Ogles embarked on creating an open source data model that allows

  • to analyze neuro-imaging data in an inter-subject reference system
  • to utilize neuro-analysis for stereotactic planning, and
  • to validate stereotactic procedures in the context of multi modal imaging.
OR, Image1 OR, Image2
Stereotactic neurosurgery is a technique in which a rigid frame is applied to the patient's head and pre-operative images acquired. Because the frame and the lesion are visible in the images, the target can be located relative to the frame. Devices may then be attached to the frame to direct surgical instruments to the target. This technique is used for taking biopsies from brain lesion of deep localization, and for placing stimulating electrodes in patients with movement disorders. Because of its high accuracy and minimal invasiveness stereotactic methods have taken an important place in neurosurgery.
Ogles stereotactic planning system gives the user a maximum of information on every planning step, rather then guiding him at the expense of details. Currently Ogles development is focused on volumetric image analysis.


  • Able to handle large volumetric data sets
  • Semi automatic rod detection of localizer systems
  • Trajectory planning and visualization
  • Basic voxel-volume drawing and calculation
  • Utilizes the III. ventricle for inter-subject orientation of geometry data
  • Extendable open source code
  • Code portable to most systems

Development Status

Ogles is a beta version! It has not been released and has not yet received any regulatory approval.

Ogles development currently tries to make things work. The code is not optimized, and awfully slow.
Ogles can't import Dicom files. Please consider the Simple Dicom Reader (sdr) for conversion of Dicom series into isometric volume files.
Ogles lacks co-registration of volumes (image fusion), which is essential for multi-modal analysis. The FLIRT module of the FSL is an excellent tool for this task.

Stereotactic arc setting are provided for Zamorano-Dujovny(ZD)- and Riechert Mundinger(RM)- Systems only. Please send reliable geometric specifications, if you want other systems to be implemented.

Many essential features like saving and printing results etc. are not implemented yet. All voxel drawings will disappear, when a new data file is loaded.
Ogles doesn't come with any installation routines, packages, or setup.exe. The source code needs to be recompiled after editing Makefiles.

Ogles labeling applies to transversal datasets only. Ogles will show WRONG LABELS for other image orientations! Orientiation parameters presented in Analyze header are honored by Ogles since version 0.7.0.

And the season for bug hunting is still open.

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Sept. 03, 2008, Johannes A. Koeppen, koeppen@neuranse.com